Let's go to Toyama.

The sea and the mountains add to the attractiveness of Toyama Prefecture. Why don't you enjoy a Toyama trip in addition to theater performance?

Tourism Information in Toyama


Let's go to Nanto.

The hills and heights of Nanto embrace you with charming spells and cracking smiles. You can't miss special days in such a land.
Check the following information on the experiential tour "Nantabi" that will take you to great tourist spots of Nanto.

Nanto city tourist information center


Let’s go to Kurobe.

The area surrounding the Kurobe site is full of fascinating attractions such as Unazuki Onsen, known for hot springs suitable for the skin, and the Kurobe Gorge Trolley.
Visit the website for information on recommendable tours and courses.

Kurobe Unazuki-onsen Tourist Board official Site



You can reserve accommodations, charter buses, and breakfast online, by email or by phone(only Japanese)
A Theatre and Hot Spring Inn Package Tour (weekends only) is also available.

※You need a Theatre Olympics ticket reservation number to make the above reservations.