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Theatre Olympics Special Tent Site (Rental tent) Near the Toga Art Park

Stay in a tent near the art park. After the show, spend a relaxing time over food and drink. Please set up and fold the tent by yourself.

*Gurume-kan breakfast for 600 yen, reservations required.
*Sleeping bag/mat/blanket rentals are available (free)
*For bathing, please go to Tenjiku Onsen (600 yen/person), or use the coin showers nearby (100 yen/5 minutes.)

Please read:

In case of possible stormy weather or lightning, please move to an emergency evacuation site.
If you wish to enjoy outdoor activities such as auto camping and BBQ, please use the Toga International Campsite. (Phone: 0763-68-2556)


49 Kamimomose, Toga-mura, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture






Take a shuttle bus from the venue to Tenjiku Onsen.
Admission time: 10:00 to 20:30.
Fee: 600 yen per adult.

Room facilities:

Bring what you need for yourself.

  • 8.23(Fri)
  • 8.24(Sat)
  • 8.25(Sun)
  • 8.26(Mon)
  • 8.27(Tue)
  • 8.28(Wed)
  • 8.29(Thu)
  • 8.30(Fri)
  • 8.31(Sat)
  • 9.1(Sun)
  • 9.2(Mon)
  • 9.3(Tue)
  • 9.4(Wed)
  • 9.5(Thu)
  • 9.6(Fri)
  • 9.7(Sat)
  • 9.8(Sun)
  • 9.9(Mon)
  • 9.10(Tue)
  • 9.11(Wed)
  • 9.12(Thu)
  • 9.13(Fri)
  • 9.14(Sat)
  • 9.15(Sun)
  • 9.16(Mon)
  • 9.17(Tue)
  • 9.18(Wed)
  • 9.19(Thu)
  • 9.20(Fri)
  • 9.21(Sat)
  • 9.22(Sun)
1,000 yen(1-person tent)
3,000 yen(3-person tent)

per night per person with no meals


You can reserve accommodations, charter buses, and breakfast online, by email or by phone(only Japanese)
A Theatre and Hot Spring Inn Package Tour (weekends only) is also available.

※You need a Theatre Olympics ticket reservation number to make the above reservations.