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Star Forest Toga Courtesy bus service to and from Toga Art Park available (20 minutes one way)

This property is a renovated elementary school with classrooms converted into guest rooms. You may come across a retro blackboard!

*Bed without meals
*Reservations must be for 2 people or more for private rooms
*Gurume-kan breakfast for 600 yen, reservation required.

Please read:

Only showers are usable in a gender-specific bathroom.


18 Sakaue, Toga-mura, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture






Showers only

Room facilities:

Towels, shampoos, rinses, body soaps, and toothpaste & toothbrush sets

  • 8.23(Fri)
  • 8.24(Sat)
  • 8.25(Sun)
  • 8.26(Mon)
  • 8.30(Fri)
  • 8.31(Sat)
  • 9.1(Sun)
  • 9.5(Thu)
  • 9.6(Fri)
  • 9.7(Sat)
  • 9.8(Sun)
  • 9.9(Mon)
  • 9.13(Fri)
  • 9.14(Sat)
  • 9.15(Sun)
  • 9.16(Mon)
  • 9.20(Fri)
  • 9.21(Sat)
  • 9.22(Sun)
4,200 yen

per night per person with no meals


You can reserve accommodations, charter buses, and breakfast online, by email or by phone(only Japanese)
A Theatre and Hot Spring Inn Package Tour (weekends only) is also available.

※You need a Theatre Olympics ticket reservation number to make the above reservations.