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Takazuri Kita   50 minutes by courtesy bus

Takazuri Kita is a quiet stand-alone home in the back of the mountains, combining a guest house and a cafe.

*Bed & breakfast
*Shared rooms with bunk beds separated by curtains

Please read:

Bunk-bed shared rooms, each with a reading light and a divider curtain. Beds must be made by the guest.
Courtesy bus to and from Toga Art Park available, 50 minutes one way


1031 Inotani, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture






Showers only

Room facilities:

Shampoos, rinses, body soaps and Wifi.
Towels, toothpaste & toothbrush sets available for a nominal fee.

  • 8.24(Sat)
  • 8.25(Sun)
  • 8.30(Fri)
  • 8.31(Sat)
  • 9.6(Fri)
  • 9.7(Sat)
  • 9.14(Sat)
  • 9.15(Sun)
  • 9.20(Fri)
  • 9.21(Sat)
  • 9.22(Sun)
4,500 yen
per night per person with breakfast


You can reserve accommodations, charter buses, and breakfast online, by email or by phone(only Japanese)
A Theatre and Hot Spring Inn Package Tour (weekends only) is also available.

※You need a Theatre Olympics ticket reservation number to make the above reservations.